Finally got the robot to work; it picks up, folds (to an extent) and carries around stuff. Gave it a new hand so my Gram won’t be in danger of any ‘ball-an-chain’ accidents like the one I got myself into yesterday. 

Wonder if I could patent and sell the design? 



Coraline (2009) music video by youtube user “Newmintynaara” 

Music- “Thru the Looking-Glass” by  Adham Shaikh

Video may also be of interest to fellow Carrollians as the lyrics refrence Through the Looking-Glass

Warning: Video contains  strobe lighting.



Norman’s Walk - Paranorman - Jon Brion

I have made a mistake

I have made a mistake


  You sure? You seem a little on edge.
Maybe I should give you a minute. Collect yourself. I know how nervous you get whenever I’m in your special space.

There is no special space here there is just me and a very persistent half-finished robot. 


  Calm down already, I’m coming.

I’m calm!


  You should.
Like, right now.
            when I bring you this wrench because I am so sorry I completely forgot in the monumental whirlwind of no that today has been sit tight
  Don’t go anywhere.

I will.

Oh, yeah, I was going to remind you but I, uh, didn’t want to assume you’d forgotten or anything. Still, yeah, a wrench would be pretty awesome. 
And don’t think you have to worry about that. 

I forgot I’m still stuck. 


… You are actually the biggest, baddest nerd I know.
Never change.

Don’t worry, I don’t plan on it. 
Well, I was planning on it, and I was actually working on it, but then I realized how boring that was and gave up. Now I can attract all kinds of birds within a mile radius with my broken radio! 

I should show you sometime.

Oh, and same to you, Jonesy.